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          • $131,191

            Average College Scholarship Offered to BL Graduate
          • 100%

            College Acceptance
          • 13:1

            Student to Faculty Ratio
          • 31,380

            Christian Service Hours Performed Over the Last Four Years
          • 360+

            National Merit Scholars
          • 5,097

            College Credit Hours Earned Last Year at BL

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          • BLHS.

            We are

            Did you know?

            Our school was named after Bishop Joseph P. Lynch, the third bishop of Dallas. He was nicknamed the “Lion of Texas” and was known for his public speaking skills.

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            On Campus.

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              我们相信澳门葡京赌场app下载是你的地方。我们相信,在严格的大学预备环境和我们的信仰天主教。我们也相信,在整个学生的教育 - 并提供课外,服务社会,并以适应各种利益的精神机会众多。我们相信你属于这里。
              Believing. Belonging. 
              Welcome to our campus.
            忠实于天主教传统和学术研究和服务的我们多明尼加遗产,澳门葡京赌场app下载通过汇集多元化的社会中严格的大学预备环境,让学生被教导要精益求精促进总的人的发展,追求真理,和世界正义的工作。 - 成立于1963年

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